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At the Office

Using Hubly for your Business

You can quickly develop a Hub for your Business, or we will help you through every step and ensure it tailored to meet each specific business requirement.

Hubly business services 

At the Hubly hub we offer a comprehensive range of business services. From consultancy and planning to development and implementation each service we provide helps businesses get the most out of Hubly.

Let us discuss with you how best to create a safer secure socially focused business hub.  

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Team Meeting

A secure gateway to your business

Connect your employees and customers, onboard new team members and create a better, safer sense of community. Create clearly defined sections in exactly the same way your business is set up. Quickly set up areas for departments, with pages, sub pages and useful content. Each member of staff (and your customers if need be) will have their own personalised dashboard, where important information is channeled. You can connect to existing software and apps too. 

Staff and customer dashboards

Hubly can act as a secure gateway into your business. Where every member of staff (and your customers if need be) can have their own personalised dashboard showing content that’s specifically related to them, easy to digest and simple to use. 

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Fibre Optics

Connect to anything

Hubly has a robust API first platform and can connect to most modern software platforms and apps.

Build new API's

If there are no existing API’s to connect to an external App or platform that you use, we’ll develop one for you. 

Development teams 

We can work with your in house development team to integrate any existing software and create new user interfaces to allow the data to flow through Hubly  

Streamlining UX

We will work with you to improving communication by examining the business processes that you have and working with you to find a better solution.

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Startup Development Team
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Molecules Security


Hubly keeps your data secure and meets your compliance requirements.


All communication to and from hub servers is encrypted using TLS/SSL with authentication devices for client- and server-side with a PCI Level 1 infrastructure

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