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Fantastic Features

Create a free account and launch an engaging community hub in less than thirty seconds Post content, store files, message, and invite people to collaborate and communicate

A whole lot of really useful stuff

Post content, In hub messaging, shared calendars, file management, store and share files, manage subscriptions and you can then invite who you want to view collaborate and share and if you want to turn your hub into a business even charge them for membership. 



Keep your hub alive with interesting content

Nifty notifications

Make sure your members are allways kept updated



Secure in hub messaging to who you want when you want



Your members can always work together on hub tasks



Plan events and keep your members updated

Super subscriptions

Simple to use, automated member billing and renewals

Funky file storage

Upload, store files for members to access and use

Awesome analytics

Easy to understand Hub data to enable you to grow

Hubly is packed with lots of useful easy to use free features that you and your members can use to build and grow you hub. If you have other apps you can also connect to these too

Online Socializing

Hubs can created for anything... 
Businesses, Focus groups, Teams, Societies, Universities, Schools, Clubs, Projects, Families, Individuals or whatever else is relevant or makes sense to you.

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Image by Smartworks Coworking
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