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Secure hub messaging, groups and Video Conferencing 

Boost hub engagement with our encrypted Hubchat messaging and voice and video conferencing calls

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Hubly messaging and video calls

Lift social and customer engagement with voice and video interactions that create deeper and more personal connections.


Power messaging for millions of users on our highly scalable infrastructure built for security, reliability, and certified by leading compliance standards.


Dial a contact for a one-to-one call or create a room to start a group call.


High-quality calls thanks to Hubly’s multi-region and low-latency cloud infrastructure.

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Members can talk or meet face-to-face on desktop, tablet and the mobile app.

What functionality does Hubly's AI provide?

Advanced encryption and security standards

From TLS encryption and security compliance to our continuous commitment to a secure environment, Hubly delivers a secure messaging API and infrastructure.

Secure cloud infrastructure


All files are saved with AES256 encryption in our private cloud and access is tightly restricted.
Hubly conducts regular third-party penetration testing to proactively ensure security and address potential vulnerabilities.


Security and Compliance

Hubchat is SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA/HITECH, as well as GDPR compliant.


Security on the go...

All communication to and from Hubly servers is encrypted using TLS/SSL with authentication devices for client- and server-side.

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