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Personal Private Hubs

Create your own free personal private online social hub. Protect yourself from online abuse.

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‘Hubly Personal’ stops online abuse before its published.

Personal private hubs are by default not discoverable on Hubly or displayed on search engines. This means the only people who have access to them are the ones who have been invited by the hub owner. This makes them much more private and secure. 

Each personal hub detects, reports & quarantines toxic & abusive Text  (Copy, Posts, Messaging, Email) Imagery (images, gifs, emojis), Video and Audio from all hubs you belong to and existing social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch).

This helps prevent trolling, cyberbullying, hate speech, criminal & antisocial behaviour, sexual harassment, and instances of mental health and suicidal narrative. Multi-language capability.

A whole lot of really useful stuff

Post content, In hub messaging and channels, video chat, shared calendars, file management, store and share files, manage subscriptions and you can then invite who you want to view, collaborate and share and if you want to turn your hub into a business even charge them for membership. 



Keep your hub alive with interesting content

Nifty notifications

Make sure your members are always kept updated



Secure in hub messaging to who you want when you want



Your members can always work together on hub tasks



Plan events and keep your members updated

Super subscriptions

Simple to use, automated member billing and renewals

Funky file storage

Upload, store files for members to access and use

Awesome analytics

Easy to understand Hub data to enable you to grow

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Create safer online communications hubs for absolutely anything...

Community Hubs can be created for anything...

Brands, Influencers, Businesses, Organisations, Public figures, Communication, Onboarding, Sports, Shops, Focus groups, Teams, Societies, Universities, Schools, Clubs, Projects, Families, Individuals or whatever else is relevant or makes sense to you.

Who uses Hubly?

Hubs can be created for anything, Brands, Businesses, Groups, Teams, Societies, Universities, Schools, Clubs, Projects, Families,
Individuals or anything at all really. Members can be
invited to join hubs as and when they need to. 


Secure social intranets and extranets, onboarding 


Digital centralised campus workplaces and E-learning 


Use for social and Business & Specialised Focus groups 


Secure Staff, Parent and pupil spaces. Online learning


Create strong communities and promote togetherness


Grow and manage membership and exchange info 


Hubly can be used for team planning and collaboration


Keep families connected wherever they are

We're on a mission to combat online abuse

With our ‘Hubshield’ AI, we’re able to detect, report, quarantine and help prevent cyberbullying, hate speech, criminal behaviour, antisocial behaviour sexual harassment, mental health issues, suicidal behaviour,  trolling (copy, images, gifs, emojis and video) and more, in nearly 30 languages.

This is done on Hubly, our own Community Building Platform and any existing external communities and communications platforms, ensuring they have the highest possible online safety rating and are always protected and compliant with new government guidelines and legislation. 

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Join multiple social hub groups or create your own

Search and choose from a huge range of community group hubs from the main hub dashboard.
Organisations can personalise this dashboard to only display their departments, teams, projects, social groups. 

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Get things done in a much safer online environment...

With Hubly you can; communicate with your colleagues, create and post content, invite members, manage subscriptions, chat, organise video conferencing, collaborate, promote and sell products and services, create polls & questionnaires and more.

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Creative Working

Create, Post, Share content

Personalise it and make it look like your own

Invite, Manage members and subscriptions

Get notified as soon as things happen

Use one centralised calendar

Committed to your privacy & ending abuse


Getting started 

It's free and it only takes a few minutes to create a new hubspace

It's free and it takes less than a minute to create a new hubspace


Open an account

It's quick, very easy to use with no tie-ins for as long as you want it to be.


Create a Hubspace 


This could be for a Business, Focus Group, Projects, Topics, Teams or whatever makes sense to you.


Upload content

Creating and uploading some engaging content is easy and will make your new Hub look great. 


Invite people


Invite and attract people to view, communicate, contribute and grow your Hub.

Hubly is made for businesses...

Hubly for business enables you to quickly develop, safe compliant and highly engaging  communications hubs connecting employees, whilst linking to existing apps to centralise data and display on personalised dashboards. 

You can also create secure Intranets, Extranets and hubs for onboarding, e-learning, e-shops, focus groups. and brand
communities to connect to your customers,  reward and grow loyalty and gain valuable feedback and insights. 

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Business People Applauding

Create Multiple hubs...

With Hubly you can create multiple hubs under multiple brands, for easy secure access to departments, projects, focus groups and social activities. Each one is accessible via  Phone, Pad or PC on a fully branded dashboard. 

Design Firm

Connect Hubly to anything...

With API's built for developers Hubly is secure, flexible and scalable. Connect to anything, create your own apps. It’s community networking software that's fast and that's easy to use for developers and users. And it’s here to help your business communicate better. 

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