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Types of Hubspaces and case studies

You can create a community Hub for anything, Business communication, Brands, Shops, Education, Clubs, Social or family and personal


Business, Communication, Onboarding

Connect your staff and customers, onboard new employees and create a sense of community. Create clearly defined sections in exactly the same way your business is set up. Quickly set up areas for departments, with pages, sub pages and useful content. Each member of staff (and your customers if need be) will have their own personalised dashboard, where important information is channeled. You can connect to existing software and apps too. 

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Image by Austin Distel
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Image by Blake Wisz


Create a hub community shop for your customers. Post news and ideas and gain valuable feedback. Sell products and offer your members exclusive hub discounts whilst showcasing new products and services. Your shop or business hub could become a focus group which you can interact with and gain valuable feedback to improve the way you do business. Should you wish you can even charge subscription fees for premium membership. 


Creating a more focused community hub for brand engagement is a good way to increase customer loyalty.  Personalised dashboards with member only special offers develop a more personalised feel. Posting new product information and Polls and Questionnaires enable you to gather useful feedback insights. And and hub points reward your members for their loyalty. 

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Image by Alexander Shatov

Brands and focus groups

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Country Club 3

Clubs, Societies and Groups

Manage club subscriptions, invoicing and statements. Sell club only products and services to your members. Organise events, timetables and post news, articles, videos and engage in social chat. Keep members informed of everything that's going on via notifications. 


Schools, Colleges and Universities

Create an easy to use and manage, highly secure private school hub portal with individual year groups, classes and pupil pages to channel pupil schoolwork and progress reports. Invite parents to view and communicate directly via individual pupil hubs. Pupils can log in and message, upload and download coursework, homework and tests. Teachers, Parents and Pupils can message, video call, collaborate and keep track of everything happening in real time.

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Distance Learning
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Family Moments

Home and Personal

When we said a Hub can be created for anything we really meant it. Creating your own personal private Hub just for yourself and friends or a Hub for family members or to organise an event enables you to communicate and share things together whatever you're doing and wherever you are. 


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