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You can quickly develop an active communications Hub for your Business, or we will help you through every step and ensure it tailored to meet each specific business requirement.

It's free and it only takes a few minutes to create a new hubspace

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Improve communication and create safer online communities

Hubly enables businesses to develop better active social community hubs for employees and customers and uses AI to identify and quarantine racist, abusive and harmful social content before it is published. 

Administrators and moderators can then review, suspend and ban members where necessary. The machine learning algorithms constantly learn and the data is used to improve and produce useful insights and reporting.

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A Business Hub is where the heart is...

Hubly is a powerful, secure, cloud based AI platform that enables Businesses, Brands, Departments, Teams, organisations, groups and individuals to set up and manage their own free private community networking hubs in minutes.

You can reward members for the data you gather. Whilst using powerful technology to help combat online abuse.

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A whole lot of really useful stuff

Post content, messaging and channels, video chat, shared calendars, file management, store and share files, manage subscriptions and you can then invite who you want to view collaborate and share. 



Keep your hub alive with interesting content

Nifty notifications

Make sure your members are allways kept updated



Secure in hub messaging to who you want when you want



Your members can always work together on hub tasks



Plan events and keep your members updated

Super subscriptions

Simple to use, automated member billing and renewals

Funky file storage

Upload, store files for members to access and use

Awesome analytics

Easy to understand Hub data to enable you to grow


Safeguard your colleagues  from online abuse and harmful content

With Hubshield AI. We’re able to detect, report, isolate and help prevent cyberbullying, hate speech, sexual harassment, suicidal behaviour, topics, entities, sentiment and more, in nearly 30 languages. 

Using AI to create safer online communities for Business

The main purpose of the Hubshield AI is to proactively detect, prevent,  isolate and learn problematic content. However, under the bonnet our system is designed to function as a complete NLU (Natural Language Understanding) system for sentiment analysis. 


Spot abuse instantly

We tag instances of hate speech, personal attacks,sexual harassment..


Developer friendly

Send text request, receive annotations in a JSON response.


Natural language

Our AI supports more languages than any other vendor. 


Enterprise & law enforcement ready

On-premise & embedded deployment. Compliance. Packet signing. 



We’re seriously cheap.We have a generous free plan.



We scan for detect and isolate potential unsuitable images


to use

Configurable to return what you need. Can’t be easier than that


Ready to

As soon as you create a Hub our AI abuse detection software is working 24/7 

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Content filtering, reputation management

Hubshield AI can also act as a complete content filter for brand and corporate narrative before publishing to other popular social media channels. Enabling more control and better reputation management. 

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Create Multiple Business & Brand hubs... 

With Hubly you can create multiple hubs under multiple brands, for easy secure access to departments, teams, products, focus groups and social activities. Each one is accessible via  Phone, Pad or PC on a fully branded dashboard. 

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Business Meeting

Earn and reward...

Community hubs can also be monetized thorough member subscriptions. And members can also be rewarded for the data they provide. These reward points can then be collected and used to spend on club merchandise directly with the club or through sponsors.

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Gain valuable brand insights and specialised reports

Community Hubs enable brand interaction with consumers that yields new information, new strategies, or a change in messaging and positioning for the Brand, whilst simultaneously changing the mindset of the consumers.
Hubshield AI abuse monitoring also provides reporting on personal attacks, cyberbullying, hate speech etc.

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Connect your hub to anything...

With API's built for developers Hubly is secure, flexible and scalable. Connect to any existing platforms and stream data into one place and create your own apps. It’s community networking software that's fast and that's easy to use for developers and users. And it’s here to help your brand communicate better. 

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Image by Austin Distel
Image by Austin Distel

Affordable and flexible Subscription tiers 

From FREE to Enterprise. We have a range of affordable and flexible subscription tiers to perfectly suit your organisation and market requirements. Whilst ensuring your players and community members are safe from abusive and potentially harmful content.

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The Hubly team

Working with your communications team we will help you develop your brand communities and content to maximise member engagement and gather valuable marketing insights. Seamlessly integrate and connect any existing platforms to centralise channel data flow making content easier to view and understand. 

Develop new opportunities to monetize hubs via product channels and sponsorship. Enable individual members to form even more useful, valuable and rewarding bonds with your brand and each other.

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Molecules Security


Hubly keeps your data secure and meets your compliance requirements.


All communication to and from hub servers is encrypted using TLS/SSL with authentication devices for client- and server-side with a PCI Level 1 infrastructure

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Peter Haigh - Chairman Mintel

"Preventing online abuse with Hubly is a game changer."

Peter Haigh - Chairman Mintel

Case Studies

Explore our case studies and see how your organisation fits into Hubly


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Enterprise and SME

Image by Prapoth Panchuea


Fans, Teams and Players

Group Lecture


Local, National, Global

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Public Sector

National and Local

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