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How do I write a Hub Product Page Overview to promote my Hub community


This is for you to describe what your Hub community is all about. Make it interesting and informative. Especially if you want to attract more members to grow your community. Remember that community Hubs offer can be used to offer access to exclusive content including the very latest news and offers, videos, tutorials, messaging, debate as well as the general interaction of community members in your hub community.

Hub paid subscriptions

Subscriptions allow your members and fans to financially support the Hub owners, Contributors and Hub communities they love with a monthly recurring payment. In return, members and fans receive special perks such as exclusive content, the latest news and offers, live videos and much more.

Member Subscriber Hub features include:

Exclusive access - Members can join Hub communities for a more intimate social experience.

Feedback and community building - Hub owners can hear from and interact directly with their most passionate subscribers on a regular basis.

Communications and awareness - Member hubs are a great place for Hub owners to keep dedicated subscribers updated on new content, merchandise launches, upcoming events and more.

Please note: The number of people in your Hub community will be visible to anyone that joins.


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