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How do I write ‘What’s included’ in my Hub overview section?

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

You should write anything that you feel will appeal to the kind of members you wish to attract to you hub.

For example you could include something like this....

We aim to keep this Hub packed with all kinds of interesting, relevant and up to date information. As a member we always value your contributions.

  • Premium posts - Please keep our Hub community alive by posting and reading interesting topical content and creating lively debates.

  • Nifty notifications - We'll make sure you are always kept updated across your devices by sending you notifications. However you can turn these off by following instructions on your device. e.g. PC, Tablet, Phone.

  • Mega messaging - You can send secure in hub messaging to who you want when you want and create channels for new topics of conversation.

  • Collaborative colleagues - Hub members can work together on hub tasks in real time.

  • Clever calendars - You'll receive updates to hub events events and key dates

  • Funky file storage - We upload and store content for members to access and use

  • Reaping Rewards - We reward you with Hubpoints whenever you Post good content, comment on articles, respond to Polls and Questionnaires and Invite new members.

  • Super subscriptions - If this is a paid Hub community, we'll remind you when payments are due and send you an invoice and receipt along with automated renewals (if you're opted in)


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